As of 2015 onwards, we will be uploading our whitewater rafting photos at our own discretion, this applied to all rafting sites in Perak, Padas and Kiulu.

1) If you decide to purchase the tour photos after your tour date/ drop off time, the photos may be made available at our website.
2) However, we are not able to ensure that at all times; your tour photos will be uploaded on our website due to certain circumstances, including (but not limited to) data corruption, loss of data due to whatever reasons.
3) If your tour photos are not on the website, you may write in to us at [email protected] to inquire. Upon your inquiry, we will assist you to locate your tour photos, however we do not promise that we will be able to find them due to reasons already stated above.
4) This post-tour services are offered free of charge and nothing in the preceding clauses shall be construed to bind us to provide the free post-tour service in regards of the availability of tour photos for you to purchase.
5) NOTE: Upon purchased, we will email the original copy via ‘Google Drive’ to the purchaser email within 3 days.

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